Dumpster vs Container vs Bin - Are they all the same thing?

By Chaz Wilson | Last Updated 1/12/2023


Are They The Same Or Are They Different?

Dumpsters, containers and bins are all essentially the same thing: a large metal container you rent for a short amount of time that's used for disposing of trash. But in this case, "The vernacular is everything." These terms all mean the same thing but have different names depending on where you live - so don’t worry if you’re not sure about which one is right for you!

In the vernacular, these terms are used interchangeably

In the vernacular of the waste industry, these terms are used interchangeably. All three refer to big steel containers that can be rolled away on wheels and are big enough to hold a lot of waste. They're all used for garbage, junk or construction waste and they're all loaded onto trucks and taken away when you're finished with them.

Most people say "dumpster" when they mean "container" instead, but this may change as more residential construction projects use bins instead of dumpsters.

Dumpster, container and bin are all really more about regional preferences.

Dumpster, container and bin are all really more about regional preferences. In the United States, we tend to use the word “dumpster” while in other countries they may say “container” or “bin” instead. In most cases, these terms are interchangeable; however, if you're in doubt about what you should be using for your waste removal needs then please contact us for help!

Different Names But Function The Same Way.

Though they have different names depending on where you live, all of these "roll-away containers" function pretty much the same way - they're like garbage cans, but bigger and with doors on the rear that make it easy to dispose of large amounts of trash or demolition junk at one time.


Dumpsters are open top containers that allow for easy access to throw your trash into—they're ideal for construction projects or other situations where there's an abundance of waste materials. Bins are usually smaller versions of the container, used by home owners and apartment complexes who need a smaller space to throw away their trash, junk and debris.

This Should Have Helped Explain.

There are many different types of roll-away containers. The main thing they all have in common is that they're large enough to hold a lot of junk, but small enough that you can place them in your driveway or on your property. If you want to know more about these dumpster alternatives and how they work, give us a call and we can explain the different sizes and how much they hold.

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