4 Tips For Dumpster Rentals

By Chaz Wilson | Last Updated 8/22/2022

Scheduling Your Rental Is The Easiest Part.

Scheduling your dumpster rental for your renovation or cleanout project is the easy part. Once you have the roll off, it is time to fill it with all of your trash, junk & debris. These tips will help make your time and use of the dumpster more efficient.

Once you rent a dumpster and it is delivered, you'll be excited to start filling it, but take some time to make a plan first. Here are 4 rental tips to make your affordable dumpster rental go as smoothly as possible.

1. Have it placed as close to the trash removal project as possible.

The drivers at our dumpster rental company will do their best to place the dumpster exactly where you want it. If you already have a pile started or a specific area of the house or construction site you're working out of, we suggest having your placement as close as we can get it as possible. During your rental period, you'll be making lots of trips back and forth to the dumpster, so the most convenient spot is the best spot. This will save you walking distance and make carrying the heavy items, not so bad.

2. Start with the largest & heaviest items first

When you are ready to fill the dumpster, we suggest to always load your heavy and large items first. It's a good idea to load the large & heavy items first, that way you don't have to lift them up on to the top of the debris already loaded into the bin. Not only does this make loading the roll off dumpster more efficient, but it also saves your back. If you have furniture, appliances, mattresses, dressers, or anything bulky, walk those in the back door while the dumpster is still empty so you can easily maneuver and place the items in the dumpster.

3. Layer items to fill any voids

It's like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Every item will have its place, it's just taking the time to fit it. After the heavy items are loaded in, we suggest to not just throw the rest of your junk in the dumpster. Take a look at the dumpster contents as you're loading it and find the perfect spot for the piece you're placing in the dumpster. Break down any cardboard boxes and anything that can be broken into smaller less awkward pieces. The main goal is to leave the least amount of void in the dumpster as possible. Layering certain items like plywood or sheet rock is also a great way to save space. This can be the difference of needing only one roll off or having to rent another because you need more space.

4. Don't throw away hazardous materials

You will receive information when renting a dumpster that will inform you of all the hazardous and unacceptable materials. Some of the prohibited items, such as concrete, dirt, tree stumps, etc., can cause the dumpster to be very heavy and go over the weight limit, which would them possibly incur more fees for you. Hazardous waste is dangerous because when certain chemicals combine, they can explode or have multiple different reactions, it is easy to get in a cleaning spree and just throw everything you find in the dumpster, but make sure to not throw away hazardous material into the dumpster. Propane tanks, oxygen tanks or any solid tanks are another type of unacceptable items. They can explode easily when handled wrong so I'm sure you can see how that could go bad quickly.

These 4 Tips will help you complete your project with ease

These tips will help make your waste removal project go smoothly. The placement of the dumpster is number 1 because it is the most important tip. We can provide you with the dumpster sizes dimensions as well to help you decide the perfect spot, you'd like your roll away. The dumpster location will help with loading larger items and make it easier to keep track of making sure items are layered and broken down correctly.

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